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Be it the diet, lifestyle, environment, or professional aspirations, infertility in Indian men and women has surged exponentially in the past decade. Modern-day couples choosing to plan for children at a much later age of 35 also suffer from much-reduced chances of pregnancy, with assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods as their only hope to successful parenthood.

IVF treatment is a commonly known ART method with the highest success rate of 35% - 50%. Hence, men and women facing severe, irreversible infertility issues often seek a good IVF hospital in Dombivli to get a second chance at falling pregnant. However, IVF is a complex and lengthy process that may go wrong with one small misstep. It can also take a heavy toll on your emotional and physical health.

To help such couples maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their IVF process, our experts often suggest the following ‘Don’ts,’ especially to women:

  1. 1. Do not take long bed rests or vacation from work, as all IVF procedures are noninvasive and do not require you to do so. Regular exercise and a healthy work routine can help keep your thoughts positive and your blood circulation healthy. In fact, a good BMI is much favorable during the IVF process and helps reduce pregnancy-related issues.
  2. 2. Though not contraindicated, it is suggested not to travel long distances immediately after undergoing any IVF treatment. You can travel after a day or two after confirming that your body feels as usual.
  3. 3. Do not opt for any special diets or nutrition supplements during your IVF cycle. Changing your diet during this period won’t help increase your chances of pregnancy anyway. You should maintain your general fitness with a comprehensive diet that you regularly eat.
  4. 4. You will have to stop taking any tobacco-based products, especially cigarettes, at least six months before planning for your conception. You should avoid smoking at all if possible as it is generally damaging to your health.
  5. 5. You must stop drinking alcohol altogether for 3 to 6 months as it can alter the IVF process.
  6. 6. You’ll have to cut down or stop taking coffee or any caffeinated drinks as it has been observed that the chances of miscarriages are higher when the male partner drinks two or more caffeinated beverages per day.
  7. 7. Men should not take any bodybuilding supplements or drugs for some time before planning for IVF as they can degrade the sperm count.


Also, before you start hunting for a good IVF hospital in Dombivli, keep in mind that your IVF success depends on your doctor’s skills and the technology in their IVF center. This is the very reason why Akruti IVF is widely recommended and regarded as the safest and effective IVF hospital in Dombivli today. With over 20 years of operations and top-of-the-line tools and machines, we strive to offer the highest rate of success to all our patients. If you’ve been trying to conceive for about one years without success, we suggest that you reach out to our experts and seek their consultation right away to secure your chances of being a parent before it’s too late.