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Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is a process in which sperms are provided by a man with the intention of using in Artificial Insemination or other fertility treatment in women like IVFICSI who are not his sexual partners in order to give pregnancy to them. 

Conditions in which Donor Sperms are required in infertility treatment?

 1 – Males with azoospermia (no sperms found by Sperm Retrieval method).

 2 – Normal females with fertilization failures due to poor quality sperms. 

 3 – Genetically abnormal embryos due to high DNA fragmentation which is medically non correctable. 

 4 – Male with infection like HIV have high risk of transferring to the baby & female patient. 

 5 - Low sperm count or abnormal sperms in which patient can’t afford ICSI cycle & female partner is normal. 

Criteria for selection of Sperm Donor

 · Complete medical history of donor is clear

 · Physical examination

 · Information about age, weight, any past surgeries, allergies to any medicines, previous personal history & family history of any disease. 

 · Height, hair colour, body colour, cornea colour, blood group should match with husband.

 · Examination for any cardiac problem or Hypertension & Diabetes with no signs & symptoms 

 · Blood investigations for HB ,Blood Sugar, Bleeding Disorders, Liver function tests, Cholesterol, Kidney function test, blood tests for infection like AIDS & Hepatitis (HIV & HBSAg), Thyroid Function Test 

 · All the above tests should have been within past 6 monthly and the results should be good.  

 · Psychological evaluation for his mental fitness & details of outcome & about biological children 

 · Detailed Semen Examination for sperm count & motility for evaluation of fertilization power of sperms 

· Genetic testing is done with history taking of cystic fibrosis in any close relation or History of any chromosomal disorder in family accordingly risk is calculated & if required tests are done 

Steps for Sample collection

· Sperm Donation Process is done at Sperm Bank 

· Donor is sent to clean & sterile private room with sterile container 

· Donor has to masturbate & collect the sample 

· Container is then handed over to responsible person or kept in safe & special environment 

Post sample collection evaluation & Storage 

· Sample is evaluated for count & motility 

· Part of the sample is send for semen culture if it comes infected sample is discarded though it is frozen 

· After evaluation if sample is normal it is cryopreserved or Frozen 

· After 6 months blood tests of donor for infection are again evaluated 

· If blood tests are normal sample  can be used  for ART procedures 

What is the duration for storing sperm sample?

Good quality sperm sample can be stored for up to 20 years with deep freezing and almost forever with cryopreservation. 

It does not damage the quality of sperms.

Are there any side effects of cryopreserved or frozen sperms?

Cryopreserved sperm does not have any negative side effects. 

Properly screened sample is not having any increase in birth defects or increase in failure of conception. 

Chances of getting any birth defects are equivalent to fresh sperm sample. 


Sperm Donation is a very useful provision, which is legally approved, & can be used for the couples where husband’s sperms are not able to give pregnancy.

Properly selected sperm donor with above mentioned criteria gives the best results. 

Fresh sample is never used for sperm donation. Sample provided by sperm donor is always frozen or cryopreserved for 6 months. They are used after retesting the patient for any infection. This is to ensure that diseases like HIV which take long duration to appear are not present in the patient. 

Akruti IVF centre follows all the above criteria & has been very successful in giving healthy pregnancies by Sperm Donation. Listed below are couple of other procedures which may be needed by a patient taking Sperm Donation services:

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 · Colour Doppler

 · Ovulation Induction

 · IVF




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