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Color Doppler Study

What is colour doppler?

Colour doppler is nothing but ultrasound sonography (USG), to monitor blood supply of different organs in human body. It is useful in all stages of pregnancy.

Before beginning IVF treatment, growth of follicle can be traced

During infertility treatment growth of embryo can be tracked 

And further during pregnancy, health of baby can be tracked. 

However not all sonography machines are equipped to do Colour Doppler.

Only special sonography machines, which is available in few IVF centers can be used for this purpose.

Along with the machine, doctor also need to be trained to use that machine. Dr. Manik Kale, has done an advanced course in Colour Doppler and has been using it successfully in IVF treatments for past 20 years. 

In which cases Colour Doppler is useful? 

When reason for infertility is one of the following :

  1. Unruptured follicle syndrome – if rupture does not happen naturally.
  2. PolyCystic Ovaries Syndrome –  Ovaries develop cysts which disturb the menstrual cycle.
  3. Unexplained infertility where both the partner’s reports are normal but no pregnancy happens
  4. Thin endometrium – not enough tissues formed in uterus which give cushioning for embryo to develop.

Monitoring the uterus through Colour Doppler gives good idea about the cause of infertility.

How colour Doppler study helps to improve success rate in infertility?

Colour doppler can monitor 3 key factors knowing which, planning can be done to give higher success rate of quality embryo formation & implantation. 

1. Showing blood supply of mature follicle – this helps in taking rupture decision. Only when blood supply is 100% rupture should be planned, else egg will not be able to survive or get fertilized. 

2. Blood supply of uterus – if poor, leads to miscarriages. Medicines can be given to have right level.

3. Endometrial blood supply – only when it has adequate level, will embryo be able to implant successfully. Hormonal injections can be given to correct this indicator.

What are the extra benefits of Colour Doppler over routine transvaginal sonography?

♦ Colour doppler in ovulation study gives perfect idea of blood flow of ovary to evaluate quality & capacity of ovary to give quality oocytes

♦ It gives idea of doses of drugs for ovulation induction

♦ It gives perfect idea of mature follicular blood flow to decide the rupture plan

♦ Helps in giving details of blood supply of corpus luteum to decide the hormone supplements for supporting embryo implantation mainly progesterone hormone

♦ Improves success rate of conception due to monitoring of blood supply of uterus 

♦ Endometrial blood supply monitoring gives exact idea of environment of embryo for implantation

Any thing else I need to know about Colour Doppler?

There are no side effects in getting Colour Doppler. As it is ultrasonic method of monitoring, just the sound waves are sent inside the body which are harmless.

However you need to know following:

  • It takes more time than routine USG. Because monitoring is complex, a session may go up to 30 min to show the output readings.
  • For this reason, one may be required to pay extra charges for doing colour doppler.