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Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

There are two types of embryo transfers done in IVF cycle:

Fresh Embryo Transfer – embryo transferred in the same cycle as oocyte pickup.

Frozen Embryo transfer – embryos are cryo preserved and transferred later when patient is ready.

Fresh Embryo Transfer 

Fresh embryo transfer means that the transfer of embryo is done in the same cycle of oocyte pick up, on third or fifth day.

What are the advantages of fresh Embryo transfer?

1-Fresh embryo transfer gives pregnancy in short duration as it is done in the same cycle as pick up.

2-Cost effective as no money is spend in freezing the embryos & thawing in next cycle till transfer is done.

3-There is no risk for embryos to get some growth problems after thawing which sometimes may occur due to technical error or human error.

Under what conditions it is helpful?

1-Poor responders who has limited embryo formations.

2-Normal responders with excellent quality of embryos with controlled hormone levels of progesterone. 

3-good quality of endometrium with proper thickness & good blood supply with normal values of uterine blood supply studied with Colour Doppler.

4-Good quality corpus luteum studied with Colour Doppler.

All the above conditions favour fresh embryo transfer & give good success rate in implantation.

What are the contra indications for doing fresh embryo transfer?

1-When progesterone levels in blood are high, generally fresh embryo transfer is not done due to high rate of implantation failure.

2-In case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which occurs due to multiple follicles formation in case of PCOD, fresh embryo transfer is not advisable as it can give serious health issues to patient.

3-When there is a possibility of genetic abnormalities and embryos need to be checked for that using Pre Implementation Genetic Screening (PGS) \ Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnostic (PGS) it takes time for test results to come. In such a case there is no option but to freeze the embryo till that time. Hence fresh embryo transfer is not possible in such cases.

4-Endometrum showing less thickness & poor blood supply, which does not favour implantation of embryo.

In all above conditions Frozen Embryo transfer need to be done to improve the success rate of conception.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer cycle is a procedure done to improve the success rate of pregnancy in certain conditions like PCOD and in few IVF cycles where clinician feels that patient stands a better chance of pregnancy with frozen embryo transfer as compared to fresh transfer of embryos. The Female infertility treatment thane also ensures zero chance of patient developing OHSS.


♦  Thawing procedure is done on frozen embryos Using  special kit called Thawing Kit. 

♦  After thawing, embryos are kept in an incubator. 

♦  Embryo transfer can be done after 1 hour of thawing. 

♦  The endometrium is synchronized with embryo stage & then thawed embryos are inseminated. Thawed embryos can be of D3(89-10 cellar) OR Blastocyst stage (D5 embryo) 

Indication for Frozen embryo transfer cycle

♦ Transfer of fresh embryo has failed.  

♦ Transfer of fresh embryo has to be cancelled due to severe OHSS. 

♦ Embryo transfer cancelled due to acute medical OR surgical illness 

♦ Embryos require Pre-Genetic Screening 


Whether to transfer fresh or frozen embryo?  Decision is taken based on which method will give higher success rate in conception, without any side effect to the patient.

Transfer of Frozen embryo is undertaken only if patient’s body need to be made ready to take Fresh embryo. In case freezing of embryos is need, Akruti IVF has services for cryopreservation of embryos, to preserve them for the duration needed by the patient to be ready.

Image used on this page is originally credited to  inviTRA from their page : Fresh vs. frozen embryo transfer. 

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