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Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle (FET)


Frozen embryo transfer cycle is a procedure done to improve the success rate of pregnancy in certain conditions like PCOD and in few IVF cycles where clinician feels that patient stands a better chance of pregnancy with frozen embryo transfer as compared to fresh transfer of embryos. The Female infertility treatment thane also ensures zero chance of patient developing OHSS. 



  • Thawing procedure is done on embryos which are already frozen. 
  • Thawing procedure requires a special kit called Thawing Kit. 
  • After thawing, embryos are kept in an incubator. 
  • Embryo transfer can be done after 1 hour of thawing. 
  • The endometrium is synchronized with embryo stage & then thawed embryos are inseminated. Thawed embryos can be of D3(89-10 cellar) OR Blastocyst stage (D5 embryo) 


It is suggested to book a session for Infertility counseling in thane online and discuss all your doubts and queries about this medical procedure.


Indication for Frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET cycle)-

  • Failed fresh cycle 
  • Canceled fresh transfer due to severe OHSS 
  • Embryo transfer canceled due to acute medical OR surgical illness 
  • Embryos after Pre-Genetic Screening 


The Female infertility treatment Dombivli makes sure that you get to enjoy the beautiful time of parenthood without any negative impact on your health.