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Laparoscopy And Hysteroscopy

What is Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy 

Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy are the procedures used for fertility enhancing surgery. 

Laparoscopy & Hysterosocpy mainly help for diagnosis and treatment of infertility causes. While Laparoscopy surgery is done through small telescopes inserted through the navel, Hysteroscopy is done by inserting telescope through cervix into uterine cavity.

When you should go for these procedures 

  1. Other diagnostic tests like ultrasonography, sonosalphingography  or Hysrerosonogram (HSG) have not provided answer.
  2.  Correcting infertility occuring due to gynaecological disorders (listed in below section)

What are the disorders which are treated through Laproscopy ?

 ♦ Diagnosis of Unexplained infertility

 ♦ Pelvic infections

 ♦ Polycystic ovaries (ovarian drilling)

 ♦ Pvarian cyst removal (cystectomy)

 ♦ Endomeriosis

 ♦ Tuboovarian masses

 ♦ Tubal block & cannulation to open those blockages

 ♦ Removal of adhesions

 ♦ Fibroid Removal (myomectomy)

 ♦ Salphingectomy – Removal of diseased tube

With the help of Laproscopy you can correct all these disorders which interfere with fertility.

Main laproscope goes through navel & instruments go through small incisions on lower abdomen (5-10 mm)

Laproscopy is a excellent tool in improving the success rate of infertility with the benefits of being painless & early mobilisation.

Uterus Red

What are the benefits of Hysteroscopy ?

 ♦ Diagnosting abnormalities of Uterine cavity & correction is the main purpose of Hysteroscopy 

 ♦ Correction of Uterine septum which is present in 20% of infertility patients -it is a fibrous band in the uterine cavity which remains as a developmental defect 

 ♦ Removal of polyp – abnormal growth of endometrial glands 

 ♦ Removal of fibroids which obliterate the uterine cavity  & cause infertility 

 ♦ Adhesion removal inside the uterine cavity which are formed due to intrauterine infections

All these procedures help to improve success rate of infertility treatments like Natural conception with ovulation study , Intrauterine insemination of semen ,Invitro fertilisation

How much time is required for these procedures ?

These procedures are done under General Anaesthesia

Generally it takes 1-1/2 hour for full procedure where both Laproscopy & Hyseroscopy is done together.

Few IVF pateints need only Hysteroscopy, which gets completed in 1/2 an hour only and patient gets discharged on the same day. 

You might feel slight discomfort on day one, but procedures are so painless that you can go for your regular duties within 2-3 days. 

What technique is used for performing these surgeries?

Laproscopy procedure is done with a telescope attached to camera which is seen on monitor, by looking at which the surgeon operates.

Hyseroscopy, the procedure is same except that the telescope is entered through the uterine cavity cervix. Surgeon operates by looking at the telescope projection on monitor. 

No stitches are required for this surgery.

What are the side effects of these surgeries?

Few side effects like Infection, haematoma at the scar, adhesions are known to occur with these procedures.

Major side effects like Bladder injury Bowel injury Blood vessel injury also known but very rare.

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