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Whenever as patient we walk into any fertility clinic, one of the key things which matter to patients in India is perhaps the cost incurred in IVF cycle.

It is perhaps this aspect which sometimes makes patient choose a certain centre over another. The question which however remains unanswered is while financial apect is indeed important, why certain centres choose to offer cycle at throw away prices while others charge relatively premium sum!

This section is perhaps our humble attempt to help patient understand why there is so much disparity in the pricing of an IVF cycle.

Why is IVF so expensive in the first place?

To undertstand this topic let us first go through various processes involved in IVF cycle. Primarily it is divided into following subsections.

1. Drugs

2. Laboratory Procedures

Let us first discuss about the drugs.

Medications or Injections which are given to patient are of primarily of two groups - FSH or HMG injections. In India these injections are available in two different forms. One is derived from urinary source while other is Recombinent technology source. Urinary source is banned in most of the western countries for its risk of viral contamination and batch to batch variations. urinary source injections are far cheaper than recombinent source but they also pose these potential risks. IVF cost incurred by clinic can be sunstantially less if the injections which are used are of urinary source. Apart from the therotical risk of transmission of viral infections which is associated with urinary source , it is also proven through various studies that in subsets such as in PCOD patients, these injections produce inferior results as comapared to Recombinent source.It also affects fertilisation rate as well as pregnancy rates in certain sections of patients. So reducing cost by choosing cheaper source of injections may not always be benificial to patients. This is exactly the reason why certain centres offer cycles at far cheaper rates than another!

Second aspect of this topic is laboratory procedures involved. To understand this, one needs to understand that to run IVF labs to the highest international standerds, it requires qualified and very experienced manpower as well as state of art Laboratory technology. This ensures highest pregnancy rates for the couple. It will not be very surprising to know that poor lab standards are not only responsible for failed IVF cycle but they are also responsible for the formation of abnormal embryos in certain cases which in turn can be a reason for even miscarriages in patients.

Why is Akruti IVF cycle cost not the lowest in the market?

Akruti IVF centre delivers highest quality on both the above fronts. In terms of medications, injections, we believe in providing world class injections to the patients. This ensures optimum oocyte retrieval as well as maximum number of mature oocytes. Using these injections also provide a great benifit to patients because these are also extremely less painful.

Akruti IVF lab is built as per US FED CLASS 100 standerds which ensures best environment to couple's gamets. This in turn leads to best fertilisation and pregnancy rates for the couple. We have state of art TimeLapse incubators which are unique in terms of monitoring the embryo growth and selection of the embryos based upon Timelapse imaging improves success rate of IVF cycle. Apart from this aspect our team of full time embryologists is vastly experienced in managing complex IVF procedures like ICSI, Vitrification and many others.


Providing quality services with experienced staff comes at a cost. This cost goes into providing higher success rate, lot of benefits and a pleasent experience while they undergo IVF cycle. 

And in the long run, you still save cost because you get successful pregnancy in lesser number of cycles, mostly in the first attempt itself. So you do not have to go in for IVF cycles repeatedly.

Like the old wisdom says we should never be "penny wise pound foolish" with our health and especially with the health of our future generations!