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Advanced IUI

IUI i.e., Intra Uterine Insemination is the procedure in which the Gynecologist uses a medical device for directly placing the husband’s processed sperms into the wife’s uterus. IUI treatment is the most useful solution when the cervix of a woman has scarring due to which sperm is not able to enter the uterus or when it has an abnormal shape that prevents sperm’s passage.


It can prove to be a perfect medical procedure for patients dealing with problems like –

·      Cervical factor

·      Patent(open) fallopian tubes

·      Minimal or absence of endometriosis

·      Any ovulatory abnormality such as PCOS or irregular menstrual cycle

And many more.


IUI treatment in Akruti IVF Thane is a simple process that does not take much time –

·      Male partner generates the semen sample

·      Andrology laboratory “washes” it, for concentrating the motile(moving) sperm and removing the non-motile one

·      IUI treatment takes place by the help of a flexible small catheter

·      The woman’s position will be the same as that of the PAP smear. The speculum gets inserted into her vagina and after drawing up the washed sperm in a syringe, it is then guided through her cervix gently for depositing directly into her uterus

·      10 minutes rest is suggested before resuming the normal activities


Nowadays, you can easily book an appointment online and get the best IUI treatment in Dombivali without any hassle. In case you do not become pregnant, you can try this treatment again before opting for any other fertility treatment. Generally, the same therapy is used for 3-6 months for maximizing pregnancy chances. As it is performed during the ovulation period, the likelihood of pregnancy and fertilization gets increased. Urine ovulation detection kit and/or vaginal ultrasound are used for ensuring that the process takes place at the right time.