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Endometrial Rejuvenation Programme

Endometrial Rejuvenation is the process to improve quality of Endometrium for successful implantation of embryo.

This process involves improvement in endometrial thickness & blood supply which helps to support embryos for implantation giving them proper nutrition & hormones.

Which conditions need this treatment?

Constantly thin endometrium having thickness below 7 mm due to following conditions.

 ♦ Low levels of Estrogen hormone.

 ♦ Inadequate blood flow

 ♦ Fibroid(s) in the endometrial tissue 

 ♦ Pelvic infections

 ♦ Asherman’s syndrome - formation of adhesions (scar tissues) inside the endometrial cavity either post D&C or due to pelvic infections. 

 ♦ Excessive use of clomiphene citrate -a drug used for ovarian stimulation 

 ♦ Post hysteroscopic surgeries done for removal of polyps, fibroids & adhesions - due to excessive use of electric cautery.

What are the treatment plans done for Endometrial Rejuvenation?

 1 - Supplements of Estrogen & Progesterone hormones.

 2 - Intrauterine infusion of Granulocyte colony stimulating Factor (GCSF), a protein which stimulates bone marrow to produce more blood. Pretty effective, as its directly infused into uterus, the body part which needs blood.

 3 - Sub Cutaneous infusion of GCSF – Similar to above, but instead of infusing into uterus, its injected in skin. It should be given in regulated quantity, because if too much White Blood Cells (WBC) are pulled in reproductive organs, there may not be enough left in body to fight the infection.

 4 - Vasoactive drugs like aspirin, vitamin E, l-arginine, sildenafil. These activate the blood vessels to increase flow towards uterus, endometrium. 

 5 - Intrauterine infusion of Platelet Rich Plasma in which patient’s own blood plasma is extracted from her body, enriched with platelets and then infused back into uterus. 

 6 - Perivascular stem cell therapy is a new research & giving good results in improvement of Endometrial Thickness. It can generate endometrial cells. However its still in research stage.

 7 - Hysteroscopy is done for diagnosis of endometrial infection, removal of fibroids, polyps ,adhesions to improve the endometrial surface quality & then Endometrial Rejuvenation Programme is started till the time effective results are achieved.

 8 - In few cases Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) is kept, to avoid post-surgical adhesions & improvement of cell growth in endometrial tissue.

 9 - Associated treatment to improve blood supply of Endometrium include acupuncture, stress management, Exercise, Nutrition plan, yoga, Fertility message, castor oil packs.

Success factors

Endometrial Rejuvenation Treatment is successful if we achieve below:

 1 - Endometrial Thickness above 9 mm with good blood supply as monitored with Colour Doppler.

 2 - Sub-endometrial blood supply up to Zone 4, the zone which is closest to the embryo. 

Akruti IVF LLP centre has successfully carried out Endometrial Rejuvenation Treatment which has led to successful embryo implantation. The pregnancy thereafter can be achieved through Natural Fertilization, and if that does not work, through IUI or IVF teatments.