IVF and ART Services

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization or as we call it, IVF treatment is the complex chain of processes which is used for helping with fertility or stop genetic problems and help with a child’s conception. It is undoubtedly the best form of facilitated reproductive technology. Reason of infertility and your age are the 2 most important factors which affect the chances of you having a well-nourished baby using the IVF procedure.

You can opt for the reliable assistance at IVF center in Dombivali in case your partner or yourself has:

·      Ovulation disorders

·      Fallopian tube blockage or damage

·      Uterine Fibroids

·      Endometriosis

·      Impaired sperm function or production

·      Previous tubal removal or sterilization

·      Any genetic disorder

·      Unexplained infertility

·      Fertility preservation for any major health condition like Cancer

At times, it is provided as the basic treatment for treating infertility issues in women who are more than 40 years old. IVF can be performed by using the sperm of your partner and your eggs.


Wondering why IVF treatment in Akruti IVF Center is certainly the best option to go for?

·      Anybody can get benefitted from this procedure

·      It works where the other infertility medical procedures fail

·      You have absolute control over the timing

·      You can easily use the donated sperm and/or eggs

·      The chances of your miscarriage get decreased

·      You are more likely to have a healthy baby

·      The chances of conception are increased

This treatment is definitely the most successful option for a lot of those couples who struggle with infertility, or for whom conventional pregnancy and conception are not a choice. Cannot conceive through the natural methods? Contact the IVF clinic in Dombivali and book an appointment in advance.

Success rate and cycles

IVF cycle can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. As far as the success rate of this treatment is concerned, it is as per your age and particular problem. The younger you are, the more there are chances of the successful IVF treatment. Older people face more failure risks as compared to younger ones.

The success rate at the IVF center in Dombivli is greater in case you follow the healthy lifestyle and your basic medical condition is also good. Ensure the fact that your BMI is healthy, i.e., lower than 30. Moreover, it is suggested to go for a decent diet-exercise program, keep stress and anxiety under control as well as avoid drinking and smoking.                                                                                       

Before opting for this process, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor to understand how this treatment works and what the precautions to take are.