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Advanced Time-Lapse Incubator

Incubator for IVF is an equipment, which stores embryos, before they are implanted in uterus.

Advance Time lapse incubator has an inbuilt microscope and camera, because of which it not just stores the embryos but also monitors during the storage period. The images from camera when put together act like a film, showing how embryos have developed. The frequency of taking pictures can be customized.

All these features make it easier to monitor and evaluate growth of embryos as compared to conventional incubator.

Time-Lapse vs traditional incubator?

Below is a comparison of traditional incubator with Advanced Time lapse Incubator.


Traditional Incubator

Advanced Time-lapse Incubator

Monitoring method

Manual – embryos need to be taken out, observed and placed back.

Automatic – Monitoring happens while embryos are safely stored in incubator as camera is taking images at regular intervals

Monitoring Frequency

Manual – Embryologist need to physically take out and view under microscope.

Configurable as per need – Incubator takes photos at defined intervals. E.g. every 30 min, every hour, every day or whatever has been set. 

Monitoring depth

Routine spot microscopic evaluation done by embryologist.

Detailed morpho kinetic data on embryo development is available which helps classify embryos into good or bad. 

Storage chamber

One common chamber for all embryos. While one embryo is being taken out, others are also getting exposed.

Independent chambers with precise temperature and gas regulation. Opening any chamber does not affect the environment in other chambers.

Embryo media 

Culture media surrounding the embryo need to be changed on regular intervals to ensure safety of embryos.

No such thing is required as incubator has a superior gas circulating system which ensures safety of embryos.


High due to manual handling

Low as embryos need not be taken out


What additional parameters can be monitored through Time-Lapse incubator?

Akruti has procured advanced Time-Lapse incubator from MIRI. It provides detailed data on morphological & morpho kinetic parameters such as multi nucleated embryos, embryos with abnormal division of cells, fragmented embryos. 

Such embryos can be easily identified by Advanced Time-lapse incubator and discarded, because they have very low potential of implantation & results in higher pregnancy loss. 

Benefits of Time-lapse monitoring

 · Improves the success rate of implantation by discarding the abnormal embryos.

 · Reduces pregnancy loss. 

 · Shorter time to give pregnancy. 

Akruti IVF Centre is equipped with Advanced Time-Lapse incubator for embryo monitoring. Our investment in this has paid off with excellent quality embryos, good implantation rate and successful pregnancies as compared to other centres which do not have it.

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