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Natural Ovulation Study

What is Natural Ovulation study?

Natural ovulation study is the first step before starting any infertility treatment. It is  done to check the follicular development & ovulation that is known as rupture of follicle (formation of egg and its release) in case of infertility by ultrasonography.

It basically tracks one complete menstrual cycle of the patient without giving any medication for ovulation. 

@ AKRUTI IVF CENTRE DOMBIVLI our main clinician Dr.(Mrs.) Manik Kale has more than 30 years of experience in performing Natural Ovulation Study.

What all features are monitored in ovulation study ?

The study  monitors if  the follicles are being formed naturally.

In case those are being formed, the size, count and progress of follicle. 

As the ovulation cycle progresses, the monitoring helps decide the rupture time of follicle, changes to endometrial layer, any defects etc.

It also monitors the post rupture formation of corpus luteum, which is a structure formed to supply hormones for implantation of embryos.

Which is the best method for doing this study?

Transvaginal ultrasonography is the best method to do this study.

It gives a very clear view of pelvic structures to see the changes happening during ovulation.

What are the benefits of doing this study ?

Natural ovulation study gives the perfect idea of hormonal balance required for ovulation i.e. is there a harmony between the hormones?

Primarily, the study uncovers if there is an imbalance  in hormones required for follicle rupture. 

Secondly it tracks development of endometrial layer so that any  defects (like  fibroids) occurring during ovulation can be identified early.

Thirdly it tracks growth & size of the follicle, based on which further treatment can be decided.  

Tracking all these help taking corrective action, thereby resulting in higher chances of pregnancy. 

How much time is required for this study ?

It  require 4-6 visits in a span of 20 days. This is so because, the entire cycle need to monitored. Roughly visits are required on following days of the cycle:

  1. Day 2 - To check the baseline condition of ovaries
  2. Day 5 - To check if the growth of follicle has started
  3. Day 7 - To check the progress of follicle
  4. Day 8 - May or may not be required depending on how robust is the growth of follicles.
  5. Day 9/10 - To decide the rupture plan of the follicle
  6. Within 3 days of Rupture - For Ovulation Induction, IUI procedure or IVF Pickup. 

Every visit takes no more than 10-15 min for test. This study need to be done only once, to understand the ovulation pattern of the patient.

What is the future course of action ?

Based on the result of Natural Ovulation Study, most likely course of actions are going for Ovulation Induction, IUI / IVF, ICSI, Advanced IUI etc.

These depend on the outcome of study. To know more about various treatments, call  Akruti IVF centre Dombivli at the numbers mentioned on their website. If you are staying in areas like Thane, Kalyan Ambernath, Badalapur, Palava, Akruti is best bet for you.

Also if you want to know more about Ovulation study please refer to these videos.