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Oocyte Donation

Oocyte (egg) Donation

Oocyte donation is the procedure in which a doner woman donates eggs. Those eggs are fertilized with the sperms of infertility patient’s husband & embryos are transferred in infertility patient’s uterus.

It is the only treatment available for infertility  patients having Premature Ovarian Failure or age related ovarian failure.

When should this treatment be used?

It should be used for patients suffering from below:

1-Turner’s syndrome – a chromosomal anomaly where female is missing X chromosome.

2-Premature Ovarian Failure.

3-Advanced maternal age.

4-Post Cancer treatment like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy.

5-Genetic abnormality in previous children related with oocyte dysfunction like Fragile X syndrome 

6-Repeated implantation failures due to bad quality oocytes with normal semen parameters. 

7-Repeated abortions due to bad quality of oocytes

How the oocyte(egg) donor is selected ?

While selecting a doner, thorough checks are done to ensure that doner and her oocytes are of best quality. At Akruti IVF, we ensure doner meets following criteria: 

- Oocyte donor clear psychological & medical screening. 

- Medical history shows no chronic illnesses.

- Physical Examination is clear

- Ovarian reserve assessment by ultrasonography & blood investigations shows healthy oocytes in good quantity.

- Should be between 21-32 years. 

- All routine blood investigations rule out anaemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism or any other medical problems related with kidney & Liver.

- No history of any abnormal child due to chromosomal or genetic factor. 

- There should not be too many or too frequent egg donation cycles.

- No history of any previous complications after egg retrieval procedure.

All the above assessments should be clear to ensure that donor’s eggs are of good quality.

Egg (oocyte) donation process

1 - Selection of donor & assignment to the recipient. 

2 - In case of frozen oocytes, selection of oocytes, which are fulfilling the matching characteristics of recipient.

3 - Ovarian stimulation of donor.

4 - Follicular puncture & oocyte pick up of donor. 

5 - Preparation of recipient’s endometrium.

6 - Invitro fertilization & embryo formation or oocyte thawing and Embryo formation in case of frozen oocytes.

7 - Embryo Transfer.

8 - Pregnancy test.

In some cases Embryos are frozen & then transferred after thawing where Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is required. 

Egg (oocyte) donor cost & sources 

Cost depends on following factors:

 - The quantity of oocytes taken by patient. (Doner charges)

 - Whether frozen or fresh oocytes are taken.

 - Costs for psychological screening and genetic tests of doner.

 - Cost of hormonal injections cost, commercial agency etc


What is the success criteria ?

Success rate depends on factors like: 

 - Age of donor

 - Oocyte pick up procedure

 - Husband’s sperm quality

 - Recipient’s age & overall health 

 - Endometrium quality of recipient like thickness & blood supply 

The procedure of oocyte donation is also known as third party reproduction.

Recipient should take proper counselling  to explore emotional concerns.