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We at Akruti IVF Center LLP are proud to announce that we got NABH HOPE accreditation on 08-Sep-2020. It took dedicated effort of entire team for a period of 6 months to complete this successfully. (NABH Inspection started – 11 Mar 2020).

Kudos to all the doctors and the staff on this success. This makes us one among the 920 hospitals across India who have got this certification. 

(Ref – NABH Hope website where Akruti IVF Center LLP is listed with Application Number SHCO/2020/01938)

A word about NABH HOPE

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (henceforth referred to as NABH) constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up in 1997. Its objective was to establish and operate accreditation and other allied programs for Healthcare Organizations (henceforth referred to as HCO). NABH has a global recognition.

Healthcare Organization Platform for Entry Level Certification (HOPE) as the name suggest is the entry level certification. This Certification ensures that the HCO has met prescribed quality standards for patient safety, infection control, quality of healthcare facilities etc. as per the standards set by NABH.

What does this certification mean for Akruti IVF Centre LLP?

  • ♦ It shows that our services have been benchmarked with the global standards.
  • ♦ It demonstrates our commitment to quality care of patients. 
  • ♦ It makes us eligible to apply for Full Accreditation certifications issued by NABH.

What does it mean for the patients?

  • ♦ Patients will consistently get safe and quality healthcare treatment as per standards set by NABH. 
  • ♦ Patients will be in the care of expert professionals who know how to treat and provide care as per NABH guidelines. 
  • ♦ They get the transparency and credibility about the functioning of the hospital which is treating them.

Parameters on which we were judged for the certification

Among the many paramenters, these were key:

  • ♦ Statutory compliance – we had license to operate the equipment we use e.g. Laparoscopy, Color Doppler machine.
  • ♦ Hospital Staff registration – we have the designation, qualification, degree recorded with us for permanent as well as visiting staff. 
  • ♦ Physical infrastructure – say bed, quality of lab equipments, diagnostic machines are fit for purpose.
  • ♦ Infection Control – Hygiene, cleanliness etc. meet the standard.

Certification process

There were two stages:

Desktop assessment: 

 ♦  Akruti uploaded document evidences to HOPE website

 ♦  HOPE officials verified the compliance or raised queries.

 ♦  Akruti responded with the resolution to those queries.

  ♦  HOPE either raise more queries, in which case steps 2-3 gets repeated or they are satisfied with the resolution and give a go ahead for Onsite Assessment – next stage.

Onsite assessment:

  ♦ On the decided date, assessor conducts assessment at the HCO premises.

  ♦ Assessor is either satisfied with the assessment and recommends center for certification or raises queries.

  ♦ Akruti has to resolve those in time allocated as per NABH.

  ♦ Assessors do a re-assessment and if satisfied recommend for certification. Else steps 2-3 are repeated.

This accreditation has added second feather in our cap, first being ICMR enrollment in Feb 2020.