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Endometrial Receptivity Assay

Endometrial Receptivity Assay

Endometrial Receptivity Assay (henceforth called ERA) is a Genetic Test to find out the time when Endometrium is in best shape to receive embryo. Transferring the embryo at that time gives best chance of getting pregnant. To conduct this test, a small sample of endometrial tissue is taken and examined to determine the exact time of Endometrium readiness. 

ERA is the most objective & accurate test available for diagnosis of Endometrial Receptivity for embryo.

It not just gives the personalised window of implantation & but also helps to search altered window of implantation for patients who do not have a regular cycle. 

In which cases ERA is beneficial?

 1 - Repeated Implantation Failure

 2 – Embryo Transfer post PCOD treatment - If one does ERA before embryo implantation, chances of successful pregnancy increase. 

 3 - Increased age of patient - Above 35

 4 – Embryo Transfer post Endometriosis – where embryo created through IVF is transferred post-surgery

 5 – Oocyte Donation & Embryo Donation cycles.

 6 – PGD/PGS – When embryo need to be transferred post testing for any genetic abnormality. 

So as you can make out from most of the above cases, generally in ERA increase the chance of pregnancy where Fresh / Frozen embryos need to be transferred for pregnancy.

How the ERA test is done?

Day 2 - Endometrium is prepared by starting hormone Estrogen, which patient has to take daily. 

Day 6-12 – Patient visits Akruti IVF centre (once or twice in a gap of 4 days) for monitoring through Transvaginal Sonography. Estrogen Dose is adjusted if required. 

12th day – Estrogen hormone is stopped and Progesterone Hormone dose is started for Endometrium growth. 

Day 12-18 – Endometrium growth is monitored till it becomes 9 mm thick. Progesterone dose is adjusted accordingly.

18th day – Endometrial tissue is extracted using small disposable canula, send for biopsy.

During biopsy of this tissue, PCR technology is used to study over 200 genes, that tell us exact timing as to when will Endometrium be most receptive, and accordingly in how many hours the implantation window will open. 

Embryos are transferred in that timing. 


ERA has solved the mystery behind repeated implantation failures. When everything looks good and there does not seem to be any glaring abnormality upfront, ERA helps. As long as the embryo is of good quality and chromosomally normal, ERA increases the chances of successful implantation.

Using this technique, Akruti IVF, Dombivli has given successful pregnancies even to the patients who had 3-4 failed IVF cycles in the past, which normally would have been classified as unexplained infertility by others.

That is why it has been classified as the best for IVF treatment for patients living in Central Suburbs like, Palava, Kalyan , Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, Badlapur, Mumbra, Kalwa, Thane, Vashi, Kharghar.