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Culturing Of Embryos

                                                                                              Culturing of embryos
Embryo culturing in an IVF laboratory requires proper and accurate monitoring and Akruti IVF Centre excels in this. We constantly monitor the lab conditions and give the embryos the optimum culture conditions for their growth, to ultimately fetch the best quality embryos.
One step culture media is used for the culturing of embryos from Day1 to Day5. 
Our centre is well equipped with two ESCO incubators. We are even privileged with the Time Lapse incubator which is present in very few IVF centres in India.
ESCO box CO2 incubators are one of the best incubators for embryo culture. It offers rapid gas, temperature recovery, and is ISO Class 5 cleanliness. To help reduce the contamination risk, it consists of an antimicrobial coating and an inner door kit. The incubator conditions replicate the natural habitat of the embryos by maintaining low levels of O2 which ensures the appropriate growth of the embryos.

ESCO box CO2 incubator

The special features of the Incubator such as fast temperature and gas recovery, protection against harmful contaminants, easy chamber calibration and validation makes it the most suited for embryo culture. ESCO incubator is Certified Embryo-safe.
Miri TL incubator is a multiroom incubator. It has a built in camera and microscope which helps in the best monitoring and growth of the embryos. Its biggest advantage is that, there is no need to take the culture dish out of the incubator to see the actual growth of the embryos. It provides high quality real time images of the embryos without the need of manual microscopy. This aids in the assessment of the detailed embryo development on the basis of which healthy embryos can be identified which can give the highest implantation rate and highest pregnancy rate.

TL incubators have many special features which makes it the most suitable for an IVF lab.
It has 6 completely independent chambers, heated lid, fast temperature and gas recovery, superior gas system, easy external gas and temperature validation, user friendly interface, culture coin, MIRI TL Data Logger, continuous pH monitoring, MIRI TL Viewer Software and MIRI TL Data Server.
With such high tech equipments, Akruti IVF Centre manages to excel in the treatment of patients with fertility issues and give the best results.