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IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection)

IMSI is an improvement over ICSI technique. It is used for selection of best quality sperms using high-magnification Digital Imaging Microscope, before doing the procedure of micro injection of sperm in egg.

Akruti IVF is one of the few centres which has this Digital Imaging Microscope. Because of this powerful microscope, which magnifies the sperms 6000 times, even the tiniest of the abnormalities are identified easily. As a result best of the sperms can be selected there by increasing the success rate.

When to go in for IMSI 

 · Poor sperm quality 

 · Poor sperm morphology – the shape shows abnormality

 · Low sperm count 

 · Sperms extracted through TESA / TESEPESA/Micro-TESA – The retrieved sperms are too weak to fertilize the eggs on their own. 

 · Repeated implantation failure

 · Repeated abortions or miscarriages 

 · Failed fertilization

 · Bad quality Embryos – e.g. those look granulated or stop growing.

IMSI procedure steps

· Semen sample is prepared on the day of ICSI by Embryologist either fresh or frozen. 

· Single best sperm is selected by trained embryologist under special microscope having 6000 times magnification power of normal microscope.

· After Ovum Pick up, eggs are washed & examined to select mature eggs for injection of this morphologically normal sperm. 

· Sperm is injected in the selected oocyte (egg) using ICSI needle. 

· Oocytes are then kept for culture in labelled sterile culture dishes for fertilization. 

Benefits of IMSI

 · Enhances implantation rate due to selection of morphologically normal. (Embryos that look good without any deformity)

 · Reduces miscarriage rate. 

 · Improved success rate in repeated implantation failure. 

 · Reduces chances of chromosomal & genetically abnormal embryo formation.


IMSI procedure is a special technique used by specially trained embryologist with a high magnification microscope for selection of morphologically normal sperms to give a high success rate in implantation & heathy pregnancy. 

Akruti IVF Centre is one of the rare centres to have this technology available for Sperm selection giving high success rate of pregnancy.

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