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Micro TESE Testicular Sperm Extraction

Micro Testicular Sperm Extraction (Hence forth called Micro TESE) is a the most advanced technique of sperm retrieval. This procedure is used in cases of azospermia or zero sperm count. In this technique surgeon can directly retrieve sperms from testis with the help of special microscope. 

Specially trained Andrologist Surgeon performs this procedure

How is Micro TESE better than convention TESE?

Dr.(Mrs.)Manik Kale's AKRUTI IVF CENTRE DOMBIVLI is one of the only handful clinics in India which are equipped with the microscope required to conduct this procedure. Single most important advantage of this procedure compared to conventional TESE procedure is amount of testicular tissue retrieved is very less so patient doesn't have the risk of long term side effects after this procedure. In conventional TESE approximately 50-70 mg tissue is retrieved while Micro TESE required only 10-15 mg of tissue. 
Patient can go home same day as this procedure is completely painless.

@Dr.(Mrs.)Manik Kale's AKRUTI IVF CENTRE DOMBIVLI, We have successfully treated many couples with this procedure and helped them get pregnant with their own sperms even if their semen sample doesn't show any sperms (Azospermia).