IVF Success Stories

Declaimer : The name, locations, and some personal information in this case study have been disguised to protect the privacy of our clients. However, the age, infertility problems, diagnosis, procedures, and any medical information is factual and true to the best of our knowledge.

year of case : 2006

Location of client: bangalore

The Secret Recipe for successful parenthood

Mrs. Pooja Singh, 38, a homemaker from Bangalore lives a happily married life with her husband, Mr. Rajesh Singh, who is a reputed businessman. Pooja is an avid reader and hobbyist with a deep inclination towards English literature. In their 14 years of marriage, they have been blessed with a stable lifestyle and good social relationships. The only factor missing from their family was a baby to nurture and cherish.

Year Of Case : 2018

Location of client: Airoli, Mumbai

Our First Case Of Combined Male & Female Infertility Treatment That We Could Never Forget

Mr. Salim is born and brought up in Mumbai, where he gained his B.E degree in IT. He and Ms. Naseem got married in 2014 and have been living a decent middle-class life. In the early days of their marriage, they realized something was unnatural, preventing them from becoming pregnant. Both Salim and Naseem were well educated and aware of the commonalities of infertility issues prevalent today.