About Us

About Us

Universally, the plight of the married couples, when they do not give birth to a child in reasonable time is huge. It brings them untold mental agony. They become subjects of the societal mockery and ill treatment. These people are ready to sacrifice anything for a child. The Medical Technology is fully conversant of this miserable state of affairs obtaining. With the result, there are innumerable ways and means of Medical Treatments, therapies and techniques to wipe their tears.

Unfortunately, the majority chunk of the masses is not aware of the sophisticated Medical Treatments available in this field. It would be an ideal Social Service to help bring forth bliss and happiness to these longing couples, through updated Medical Service at affordable cost.

This thought sparked the idea of starting Akruti IVF in the mind of the Founder Dr. Mrs. Manik Kale,which has proliferated into a Trusted Rendezvous for lots of couples as of today, who are immersed in dismay without a child, to make their life meaningful.

About the Founder

Dr. Mrs. Manik Kale hails from a respectable family and is dedicated lady to the service of the people at large, especially women folk. She whole-heartedly realized the woes a woman has to face in any society, if she is not blessed with childbirth. Throughout her life till date, she has brought forth cheers in the lives of hundreds of childless couples, by her selfless-service. She continues her dedication and involvement that is vouch-safed by every patient she treats at the Akruti IVF even today.

The Growth Graph of Akruti IVF

The journey of Akruti IVF Centre starts in the year 1991, when Dr. Mrs. Manik Kale started a Clinical Setup, offering basic fertility services and an obstetric Unit. The intention was to serve childless couples, bringing the Medical Service with skill at affordable cost to avail basic fertility services.

In the year 1995, this facility was upgraded and a Unit of Minimal Access Surgery was launched. This was after the completion of Advanced Laparoscopy Training in Kiel, Germany by Dr. Manik Kale. At that time this was the very first one in Thane District.

During the year 2000, Dr. Rajendra Kale joined hands with Mrs. Manik Kale. Under the auspices of Akruti IVF, an ultra-modern Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) Unit was started in Dombivli. In the last two decades, more facilities in this field like Time Lapse Unit, Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) were inducted in this In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centre.

Now in this year 2019, the Akruti IVF Centre LLP has been lunched with cutting-edge Technology that specializes in Advanced Fertility Treatments and Modern Endoscopic Unit.