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How Dr. Pataki Discerned A Unique IVF Problem Overlooked By Other Specialists

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year of case : 2019Location of client: Pune


Constantly occupied by their fast-paced IT life, Mr. Abhick and Ms. Paromita lived a moderately lavish and busy lifestyle. 8 years had swiftly gone by, and they had been planning their first child for almost 4 years now. Being well-educated and aware of the modern ART treatments, they simultaneously started consulting infertility centers around Pune after consistently failing to conceive naturally.
They were confident about the latest IVF treatments during their first cycle and understood the chances of failure. Unfortunately, the cycle failed, but they didn’t lose faith and tried two more IVF cycles at different IVF centers without much inquiry. The results were still negative, and Paromita, who was now in her 30s, was running out of options.

Meeting Akruti IVF

Their faith in ART treatments had faded significantly after no IVF specialist gave them a clear reason for the failed cycles. To their surprise, they found that one of their colleagues from the IT firm had faced similar issues. She briefly narrated her success story with Akruti IVF Center in Dombivli, Thane, and her experience with Dr. Chinmay Pataki, who was well-known for modern ICSI treatment in Kalyan.
Multiple fertility experts suggested that opting for a sperm donor was their best option considering their contrasting disorders. But the couple yearned to have their child on their own and continued their search to find a desirable solution for the next four years.
Convinced by her portrayal of Dr. Chinmay Pataki and his treatment methods, the couple decided to meet him over a weekend.

The Diagnosis

Upon meeting Dr. Pataki, they naturally bombarded him with questions about the reasons why they consistently failed to conceive even with IVF. Dr. Pataki patiently inquired about their previous IVF treatments and suggested Paromita undergo an ERA diagnosis. After analyzing the results, Dr. Pataki deduced that the primary cause of their IVF cycle failures was the displaced implantation window. Since the embryos weren’t transferred during the right ERA window, they couldn’t conceive.
For further diagnosis, he suggested a detailed blood investigation. As an extra precaution, Dr. Pataki also performed a Hysteroscopy, a type of laparoscopy surgery in Dombivli center, which is minimally invasive and helps detect any infections or abnormalities in the uterus.

The Treatment

The couple had complete faith in Dr. Pataki’s methodologies by now. Hence, as he suggested, Abhick agreed to have an ICSI treatment with PGS. The Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) In the retrieval process, 11 healthy oocytes were retrieved, and the sperm sample was directly extracted from the testicles through a TESE/TESA procedure. Dr. Pataki was successful in developing 4 embryos which were then tested through PGS. Luckily, 2 of those four embryos tested normal and healthy for implantation.
The ERA biopsy had shown Paromita’s implantation window to be 113 +/- 3 hrs. Arranging an implantation procedure to best suit this period, Dr. Pataki transferred the 2 embryos at a calculated transfer time between the ERA window.

The Result

Both of them were now quite used to the long wait after an embryo transfer procedure, but they had high hopes this time. And when the day arrived, they could not be happier as Paromita’s UPT came positive with BHCG level 1899, meaning she was pregnant!
They refused to consult any other IVF center around Pune and frequently traveled to our IVF center in Dombivli for regular checkups with Dr. Pataki and Dr. Manik Kale. The rest of their pregnancy period when without any complications.


2019, Airoli, Mumbai.

Successfully conceiving in the very 1st IVF cycle is a rare case, but not in Akruti IVF. Thanks to our expert’s careful observation and precautions, all the roadblocks in the couple’s IVF journey were removed, blessing them with a healthy baby girl!
This case proved that something as obvious as a displaced implantation window could cost the clients a fortune. Which is why when offering ICSI treatment in Kalyan, our specialists never underestimate a single step of the procedure and always confirm the right ERA window for successful embryo transfers.
The additional features of ART procedures, such as the PGS and Endoemetrial Priming, also play a key role in a couple’s success with IVF.

More about Akruti IVF

Being the most advanced IVF center in Dombivli, Kalyan, Ambernath, and Navi Mumbai, we receive patients from different parts of the city and other cities like Pune. Owing to Dr. Chinmay Pataki’s specialized experience in offering complex treatments like TESE/TESA or laparoscopy surgery in Dombivli, it’s no surprise that most of our clients willingly recommend his successful methodologies. If you have any lingering questions or doubts about your fertility, you can directly consult Dr. Pataki without any delay.