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"See the things that you want as already yours"

year of case : 2006Location of client: bangalore


Mrs. Pooja, 38, a homemaker from Bangalore lives a happily married life with her husband, Mr. Rajesh, who is a reputed businessman. Pooja is an avid reader and hobbyist with a deep inclination towards English literature. In their 14 years of marriage, they have been blessed with a stable lifestyle and good social relationships. The only factor missing from their family was a baby to nurture and cherish.
They had realized something unusual was preventing them from falling pregnant in the early years of their marriage. Which is when they decided to seek help from infertility experts in their vicinity. Their treatments continued for almost 10 years, but without any positive results.

Meeting Akruti IVF

When their only hope of achieving parenthood was starting to diminish by the day, Pooja heard of Akruti IVF from a close relative of hers. The relative had also faced infertility issues in the past and was blessed with a child under the guidance of Akruti IVF expert Dr. Manik Kale, an infertility specialist in Mumbai. She explained how Dr. Manik guided her through the IVF process and after conception, which helped her be the healthy mother she was today. Given her positive attitude, Pooja decided to give us a try and reached out to Dr. Manik promptly. She convinced Rajesh to come down to our IVF centre in Mumbai to discuss their case with her in detail.

The Diagnosis

During the diagnosis, Dr. Manik ran an AMH or anti-mullerian hormone level test, which is a standard test to get an egg count or the number of potential ovaries that can be fertilized. A female is readily born with 1 -2 million eggs which are gradually recruited in small amounts during menstruation cycles to
mature and ovulate as they age. Consequently, the number of eggs reaches a bare minimum at a certain age between their 30s and 40s, diminishing the chances of pregnancy.
The test confirmed that Pooja’s AMH levels were very low. And given her age, she could only produce 3 to 4 good eggs during a menstruation cycle. Her chances of pregnancy were thin, not more than 25% to 30%.
These figures didn’t stop Pooja from putting her faith in Dr. Manik and Akruti IVF, as they unhesitantly agreed to go ahead with our IVF treatment in Dombivli.

The Treatment

Following the consultation, the couple punctually traveled to our IVF centre for further tests and analysis.
The egg and sperm extraction from Pooja and Rajesh respectively was carried out with extra care. Since we only had 4 eggs for the fertilization process, we handled them with extreme attention. Of those 4 eggs, only 2 matured into oocytes, which were fertilized and nurtured to evolve as embryos. Thanks to our technologically advanced lab equipment, we were able to continually monitor the process and were able to successfully develop one healthy embryo.
Pooja, with her unwavering conviction, came prepared for the embryo transfer procedure. Once the transfer was successful, all that remained was to wait for the embryo to be implanted and accepted by her body.

The Result

In the end, Pooja’s conviction won! The transplant was a success in the very first cycle, which is a rare case in the IVF world since it takes at least 2 to 3 embryo transplants for a successful pregnancy. In the following months, we periodically monitored her health and the baby’s growth to detect any irregularities beforehand.
After thorough monitoring and typical pregnancy care, she delivered her first baby girl at our IVF centre in Dombivli, Thane.
Their 10-year long patience and faith in the science of IVF led them to the priceless experience of parenthood with their baby girl Miraya.


2013, Dombivali, Thane

Pooja and Rajesh visited Dr. Manik after six years with Miraya, who was now a fully grown girl who had developed the skill to fluently speak 7 languages! Their joy vividly reflected through their conversation about the chronicles of the intelligent Miraya.
As they spoke, Pooja handed a book to Dr. Manik as a gift, it was the infamous ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Awestruck by her sheer knowledge, positivity, and kindness, Dr. Manik couldn’t help but ask, “what’s your secret? What made you so confident and enduring?”, to which, Pooja simply mentioned a quote from the book that inspires Dr. Manik to this day — “See the things that you want as already yours.”

More about Akruti IVF

This case occurred in the early days of our Akruti IVF centre in Thane when Dr. Manik had transitioned her expertise from gynaecology to IVF treatments. She recalls this incident as one of the most significant cases that impacted her career and inspired her to expand Akruti’s IVF treatment in Kalyan, Badlapur, Ambernath, and Palava City. Today, with Dr. Chinmay Pataki added to our team, we are growing to be one of the prominent centres that offer highly successful infertility treatment in Navi Mumbai. And we will continue to grow until we become the most trusted and top IVF centre in Mumbai.