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Psychological Counselling

The infertility problem in couples is a life crisis, provoking many mental illnesses like anxiety, confusion and mental agony. It can easily cause mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural, moral and ethical problems to face and live in the society. Even before starting the IVF treatment, these patients require appropriate Psychological Counseling, by experts in the field to alley their fears and infuse positive thinking and confidence.

At Akruti IVF Centre, first, the patients are explained the methodologies of IVF treatments and shown authentic proof for sure positive results, supported with success stories. Hence, this aspect is well taken care of by the experienced expert doctors.

As a result, patients with infertility problems approach us with complete confidence, and expect result oriented successful IVF treatment.

To know more about Psychological Counselling call Akruti IVF Centre at above mentioned telephone numbers on our website. People staying in areas like Dombivli, Kalyan, Thane, Badlapur. Ambarnath, Palava can take maximum advatage.