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Universally, the plight of the married couples, when they do not give birth to a child in reasonable time is huge. It brings them untold mental agony. Plus they become subjects of societal mockery and ill-treatment. These people are ready to sacrifice anything for a child.

Luckily, no such sacrifice is required. The Medical Fraternity is fully capable wiping their tears. With the advancement of medical sciences, there are innumerable Infertility Treatments available, which can provide solution to any kind of infertility problem.

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Dr. Manik Kale

M.D, D.G.O (BOM) IVF Infertility Specialist, DIP. Laparoscopy Surgery, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist; ExDoctor L.T.M.M.C Sion Hospital Mumbai

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Dr. Rajendra Kumar Kale

M.B, DIP STI AIDS (Bangkok), FAIMS OBS Embryology MEFC (Singapore); EX D Chief Medical Director, Indian Railways

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